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"Empowering the Female Presence: Women in Family Businesses, Family Offices and Strategic Executive Positions"

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1. Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Explore the unique challenges women face in family businesses and family offices, as well as the opportunities they have for meaningful leadership.

2. Leadership and Change Management:

  • Analyze the role of female leadership in the management of change and innovation in family and executive business environments.

3. Inclusive Organizational Culture:

  • Discuss strategies to create an inclusive organizational culture that promotes the active participation and leadership of women at all levels of the family business and senior management.

4. Professional Development and Mentoring:

  • Examine effective career development and mentoring programs designed specifically for women in family businesses and strategic executive roles.

5. Talent Management and Succession:

  • Analyze best practices in talent management and succession planning to ensure the continuity and sustainable growth of family businesses, with a focus on the development and promotion of female leaders.

6. Work-Life Balance:

  • Explore strategies to promote a healthy work-life balance for women in strategic executive roles, especially in family environments.

7. Innovation and Disruption:

  • Highlight the role of women as drivers of innovation and disruption in family businesses and family offices, and how their unique perspectives can drive business growth and success.

8. Female Entrepreneurship:

  • Examine the role of female entrepreneurship in the creation and management of family businesses and family offices, and the specific opportunities and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in these environments.

9. Social Impact and Corporate Responsibility:

  • Discuss how women in strategic executive roles are leading corporate social responsibility initiatives and making a positive impact in their communities and the world at large.

10. Future Perspectives:

  • Look to the future and explore how the role of women in family businesses, family offices and strategic executive positions is expected to evolve, and the measures that can be taken to drive greater female empowerment and participation.

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