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"Tax Compliance: Keys to Efficient Management"


1. Global Overview of the Fiscal Environment

  • Recent trends and changes in global tax policies.

  • Comparison of tax systems in different countries.

  • Impact of globalization and international trade on tax policy.


2. Corporate Taxes and their Impact on Business

  • Tax planning strategies for companies.

  • Analysis of corporate tax rates in different jurisdictions.

  • Effects of tax policies on business investment and competitiveness.


3. Indirect Taxes and International Trade

  • Value added taxes (VAT) and their application in different regions.

  • Customs taxes and their impact on international trade.

  • Strategies for managing indirect taxes in multinational companies.


4. Tax Reforms and Their Implementation

  • Analysis of recent tax reforms and their implications.

  • Process of implementation of new fiscal policies.

  • Impact of tax reforms on different economic sectors.


5. Tax Compliance and Risk Management

  • Importance of tax compliance for companies and individuals.

  • Strategies for managing fiscal risks and preventing sanctions.

  • Use of technology and software for tax management and compliance.

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