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"Challenges and Perspectives for the Future"


1. Overview of Nearshoring in Mexico

  • Global Trends in Nearshoring: How global trends are impacting nearshoring in Mexico.

  • Current Panorama of Nearshoring in Mexico: Current state and evolution of nearshoring in the country.

2. Competitive Advantages of Mexico for Nearshoring

  • Strategic Geographic Location: Benefits of Mexico's geographic location for nearshoring.

  • Labor and Operation Costs: Comparison of labor and operating costs between Mexico and other destinations.

3. Infrastructure Challenges

  • Transportation and Logistics Infrastructure: Status and needs of transportation and logistics infrastructure.

  • Development of Industrial Zones and Technology Parks: Importance of the development of industrial and technological zones.

4. Regulatory and Political Aspects

  • Regulatory and Political Environment in Mexico: Analysis of the regulations and policies that affect nearshoring.

  • Strategies to Navigate Regulatory Challenges: How companies can face and overcome regulatory challenges.

5. Talent Development and Training

  • Training and Education Needs: Identification of training needs to support nearshoring.

  • Talent Development Programs: Initiatives and programs for the development of specialized talent.

6. Innovation and Technology

  • Technology Adoption in Nearshoring: Importance of technology for nearshoring success.

  • Technological Solutions for Operational Efficiency: Tools and technologies that improve operational efficiency.

7. Public-Private Collaboration

  • Roles of the Government and the Private Sector: Importance of collaboration between the government and the private sector.

  • Successful Collaboration Projects: Examples of successful public-private collaboration projects.

8. Supply Chain and Logistics

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