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"An Expanding Market"

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1. Introduction to Venture Capital

  • Definition and purpose of venture capital.

  • History and evolution of venture capital.

  • Difference between venture capital and other forms of financing (such as private equity, angel investors, etc.).


2. Venture Capital Investment Process

  • Phases of venture capital financing: from seed investment to exit.

  • Due diligence and startup evaluation process.

  • Structuring of agreements and key terms (term sheets, valuations, shareholding).


3. Investment Strategies and Startup Selection

  • Selection criteria for startups and emerging sectors.

  • Evaluation of the founding team and its importance in the success of the investment.

  • Market and business model analysis to identify high growth opportunities.


4. Investment Portfolio Management

  • Strategies for the effective management of a startup portfolio.

  • Role of venture capital investors in the growth and development of portfolio companies.

  • Risk mitigation and portfolio diversification techniques.


5. Exit Strategies

  • Types of exits: acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOs), mergers.

  • Planning and execution of successful exit strategies.

  • Impact of exits on investment return for investors and founders.


6. Trends and Future of Venture Capital

  • Current and future trends in the venture capital market.

  • Impact of technology and innovation on venture capital.

  • New financing models and their influence on the startup ecosystem.

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