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"Optimizando la Asignación de Activos en Family Offices: Estrategias para el Éxito a Largo Plazo"
Líderes de conversación


Edwin Polanco


Atlantic Pacific


Bruno Ghío - Founder - Allié Family Office

Bruno Ghío


Allié FO

Roberto Melzi - CIO - Vicctus MFO

Roberto Melzi




Rodrigo Gonzalez

Managing Partner

CIO investment office



Determining the optimal mix of assets to achieve long-term financial goals in the family office


  1. FOs are an interesting mix between an Institutional and a Wealth investor:

    1. In your experience, what are those characteristics that define a Family Office versus other Wealthy investors? (Dividends, cash flow)

    2. How do those characteristics, both quantitative (investment horizon, risk) and qualitative (Values, purpose) reflect themselves in a portfolio?


  1. An IPS serves as the main guideline for an FO investment approach

  1. Why is the IPS a key component of the long term strategy of a FO? How can FOs leverage their guidelines for risk mitigation?

  2. Current market environment is certainly challenging the way FOs were investing for the past 10-15 years. How should FOs implement tactical allocations, while also respecting their broader long term strategy? (Consequences of inflation, rates, and geopolitical environment)

  3. Speaking of asset allocation in FOs, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Having said that, in your experience, what are most FOs looking for right now as more and more opportunities arise?


    3. Individual investors are starting to scratch the surface of the Alts space and slowly moving away from the traditional 60/40 portfolio. On the other hand, FOs have long been a player in the PE/PC space, and allocations are also growing. 


  1. Given the market dynamics we have seen over the last few of years, what are the main opportunities arising for these type of investors within the Alternatives space?


       4. One area where we have seen FOs struggle, particularly newer ones, is governance. FOs aren't immune to tight labor markets and increase competition across the business landscape. While many FOs have traditionally created in-house strategies, we are now seeing an increased interest in seeking out external capabilities and resources. 


  1. How can FOs leverage external resources while also remaining independent by having internal investment teams?

  2. What challenges do FOs face in the current environment when trying to create all solutions in-house?

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