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Maguey Token

Mezcal, Tequila and agave honey
have grown so strongly that the current
maguey production is not enough. In the last 5 years the price of maguey has had an exponential rise.

Today, maguey production represents a great business opportunity.

Have a look into our investment presentation

Presentación MAGUEYTOKEN ® con Anexos
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Inglés Presentación MAGUEYTOKEN ®
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Maguey deficit: to produce 5 liters of mezcal, 50 kg of maguey are required, which takes 5 to 7 years to grow.


Investment system that allows you to own a maguey plantation in Oaxaca, the origin of mezcal.

The perfect opportunity to be a mezcal investor, tequila and derivatives industry.

We have plantations in the Valles Centrales, Mixteca and Istmo


  • We have planted more than 1,297 hectares

  • We are creating the largest ancestral palenque in Oaxaca

  • We are integrating the largest mezcal collective in Oaxaca.

  • We have the largest maguey nursery in Oaxaca.

Reliable and safe investment

  • Our team of certified experts will manage the plantation (pest prevention, grass, care)

  • Agricultural insurance for more peace of mind (protects against climatic catastrophe)

  • Ideal time to have a rise in prices and generate good profits.

  • Your investment is supported by the plantation

  • We have guaranteed the sale of your plantation

  • Fully insured and viable land (file)

Have a look into our investment opportunities and contact Black Bull Investors club for more information.

Cellphone or whatsapp : +5255 8372 6079


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