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North Node Crypto Master Fund I LP

North Node Crypto Master Fund I LP is a multi-strategy, macro focused, digital asset fund.

North Node Crypto Master Fund I LP - February 2023
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North Node Crypto Master Fund I LP is a multi-strategy, macro focused, digital asset fund. Our team has over 25 cumulative years of experience in investment research, capital management, investor relations and legal framework from top-tier firms including Goldman Sachs, Pantera Capital, General Catalyst & Proskauer Rose LLP. Team members include Harvard alumni, founders of successful start-ups, Web 3.0 builders and experienced investors. As stewards for our LP base, we understand that markets are driven by fundamental themes and macroeconomic data. Using our collective experience in law, economics, digital asset security, tax & accounting we strive to identify unique opportunities in the crypto emergent asset class and look to provide our investors with broad crypto exposure over the long term. The Fund will implement a capital efficient hybrid fund structure that combines illiquid early-stage tokens and liquid digital assets.

We believe digital assets are one of the biggest megatrends of our lifetimes. Similar to how the internet changed the way

humans interact in the 21st Century, crypto will disrupt the core workings of our financial systems. Less than 1% of the world

population were using the internet by 1995(2). As of 2021, with over 300 million users worldwide(1), estimated global crypto

ownership is 3.9%(1) which puts it on par with the use rate of the internet in 1998(2).

Blockchain technology & smart contracts, which are self executing software, will enable disintermediation and automation for

transactions and financial services. We plan to capitalize on this by focusing on:

Protocols that enable Web 2.0 enterprises to integrate into the soon-to-be Web 3.0 world

Projects where governmental entities dealing with security systems are stakeholders

Cash flow generating tokens that have fundamental value and use cases within layer 1 ecosystems


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