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" The Role of Real Estate in the Family Office Investment Strategy"


1. Panorama of the Real Estate Market in Chile

  • Analysis of the current state of the Chilean real estate market.

  • Main actors and stakeholders in the sector.

  • Recent trends and future projections.


2. Legal and Regulatory Aspects

  • Regulations and laws that govern the real estate sector in Chile.

  • Procedures for buying and selling properties.

  • Impact of government policies and legislative changes on the market.


3. Financing and Credit Options

  • Financing options available for the acquisition of properties.

  • Interest rates and conditions of mortgage loans in Chile.

  • Financing strategies for national and international investors.


4. Urban Development and Sustainability

  • Urban development and territorial planning projects in Chile.

  • Sustainability and green building initiatives.

  • Impact of urban development policies on the real estate market.


5. Real Estate Investment and Profitability

  • Investment opportunities in the Chilean real estate market.

  • Analysis of profitability and risks associated with real estate investment.

  • Emerging sectors and high growth areas.


6. Market Segment Analysis

  • Residential housing: trends, demand and supply.

  • Commercial market: offices, retail and industrial spaces.

  • Tourism and short-term rental properties.

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