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"Global Investments in Real Estate: Emerging Destinations and Consolidated Markets"


1. Introduction to the International Real Estate Market

  • Definition and scope of the international real estate market.

  • Comparison between the national and international real estate market.

  • Main actors and stakeholders in the global market.

2. Global Trends in the Real Estate Market

  • Current and emerging trends in the global real estate market.

  • Impact of the global economy on the real estate market.

  • Factors that influence international real estate demand and supply.


3. Investment in International Real Estate

  • Benefits and risks of investing in international real estate.

  • Investment strategies in different markets.

  • Analysis of emerging and consolidated markets.

4. Financing and Credit Options

  • Financing options for international real estate investments.

  • Differences in financial systems and access to credit in different countries.

  • Impact of interest rates and monetary policies on the real estate sector.


5. International Real Estate Asset Management

  • Management and maintenance strategies for international properties.

  • Hiring and management of local services.

  • Tools and technologies for remote asset management.


6. Sustainability and Real Estate Development

  • Sustainable development trends in international real estate.

  • Sustainability certifications and regulations in different countries.

  • Case studies of sustainable real estate projects.


7. Risks and Mitigation in International Real Estate Investments

  • Identification of risks in international investments.

  • Strategies to mitigate financial, legal and operational risks.

  • Insurance and protection of real estate investments abroad.


8. Future of International Real Estate

  • Predictions and future trends in the global real estate market.

  • Impact of economic, technological and social changes in the sector.

  • Expert views on the development of the international real estate market.

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