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"Diversification in Real Estate: From Residential to Commercial and Beyond"


1. Residential Investments

  • Current Trends in the Residential Market: Analysis of trends and demands in residential properties.

  • Rental Strategies and Property Management: Effective methods to maximize rental income and optimize management.

  • Housing Renovation and Rehabilitation: Opportunities and challenges in the renovation of older residential properties.

2. Commercial Real Estate

  • Opportunities in the Office Market: Evaluation of demand and trends in office spaces.

  • Investments in Shopping Centers and Retail: Perspectives on the future of retail and shopping centers.

  • Development of Flexible Commercial Spaces: The growing popularity of co-working spaces and its impact on the market.

3. Industrial and Logistics Real Estate

  • Growth of the Logistics Sector: Factors driving demand for warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Industrial Real Estate: Investments in Manufacturing and Warehousing: Opportunities in industrial properties and their benefits.

4. Tourist and Hotel Real Estate

  • Vacation Property Market: Strategies for investing in vacation properties and expected profitability.

  • Hotels and Resorts: Investment Analysis: Opportunities and challenges in the post-pandemic hotel sector.

  • Management Strategies in Tourist Real Estate: Methods to optimize the management and operation of tourist properties.

5. Financing and Capitalization Strategies

  • Financing Options for Diversification: Financing and capitalization methods for diversified projects.

  • Structuring of Real Estate Funds: Creation and management of funds for diversified investments.

6. Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • Risk Management in a Diversified Portfolio: Identification and mitigation of risks in various real estate asset classes.

  • Resilience Strategies in Real Estate Investments: Preparation and response to changes and crises in the market.

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