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"Preserving the Legacy: Keys to a Successful Estate Succession Process in the Business Family."

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1.- Organizational Culture and Family Values:

  • How can a family business adapt its values and culture as it grows and diversifies?

  • What are effective strategies to maintain employee cohesion and commitment to family values in a changing business environment?

2.- Long Term Strategic Planning:

  • How can a family overcome resistance to change and complacency in current management during the advance planning process?

  • What effective strategies can be employed to align divergent views within the family about the future of the business during strategic planning?

3.- Family Communication and Consensus:

  • What are some strategies to overcome generational and cultural barriers in family communication, as well as resolve conflicts constructively during estate succession?

4.- Transition Management:

  • What are best practices for maintaining stability and commitment of the leadership team during the leadership transition?

  • How can a family business ensure business continuity while making changes to structure and strategy during the transition?

5.- Legal and Financial Considerations:

  • What steps are essential to balance family interests with legal and financial requirements during estate succession?

  • How can family businesses address the complexity of tax and regulatory laws in the succession process?

6.- Professionalization of Corporate Governance and Talent Identification and Development:

  • What are the main obstacles to implementing professional corporate governance structures in a family business?

  • How can a family balance its involvement in decision-making with best governance practices during succession?

​7.- Adaptation to Changes in the Business Environment:

  • How can family businesses find the balance between tradition and innovation to stay relevant in an ever-evolving business environment?

  • What strategies can help overcome resistance to change within the family during the adaptation process?

8.- Family Wealth Management:

  • What are the main challenges in the effective management of family assets during the succession process? How can a family balance protecting capital with seeking returns when managing family wealth?

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