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"Exploring New Horizons: The Panorama of Venture Capital in Central America and the Caribbean"

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1. Growth of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

  • Exploration of the development and maturation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central America and the Caribbean, and how this is affecting the venture capital landscape.

2. Investment Trends in the Region:

  • Analysis of current trends in venture capital investments in specific sectors of Central America and the Caribbean, such as technology, fintech, health, and tourism.

3. Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Discussion on the unique challenges facing venture capital investors in the region, as well as emerging opportunities for growth and innovation.

4. Strategic Alliances and Collaborations:

  • Exploration of how strategic alliances between investors, accelerators, incubators, governments and other actors are driving the growth of venture capital in the region.

5. Impact of Technology and Innovation:

  • Analysis of the role of technology and innovation in the evolution of venture capital in Central America and the Caribbean, including the impact of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies.

6. Regulation and Legal Framework:

  • Discussion on the regulatory and legal framework for venture capital in the region, including the challenges and opportunities to improve the investment environment.

7. Success and Failure in Investments:

  • Case study of successful and unsuccessful investments in companies in the region, and the lessons learned that can be applied to future venture capital investments.

8. Social and Environmental Innovation:

  • Exploration of the role of venture capital in financing companies with positive social and environmental impact in Central America and the Caribbean.

9. Impact Investment:

  • Discussion on the growth of impact investing in the region and how venture capital investors can generate positive financial and social returns.

10. Future Perspectives:

  • A look at the future of venture capital in Central America and the Caribbean, including emerging trends and investment opportunities on the horizon.

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