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Black Bull

It is the premium, private and confidential setting that brings together leaders of single & multifamily offices, business families, investors, advisors, investment funds and key players globally.

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Drives us
The conviction that great ideas and transcendental transformations are born from collaboration between brilliant people.
Our purpose is to be the secure and private platform for business families and investors to share best practices, debates, exchange of ideas, specialized content, investment opportunities, innovation methodologies and mutual growth.

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Private Events
We create summits in premium spaces in different countries, without access to the media. These meetings are designed to generate business opportunities, facilitate relevant discussions and provide high-level and exclusive networking between market leaders.

Elite Network of Contacts
We offer an exclusive digital platform where each member has access to a global directory. This space allows for direct and private communication, promoting an exchange of ideas and opportunities for collaboration in a safe and efficient environment.

1 on 1 meetings
We host meetings that allow our members to connect directly with other relevant leaders and decision makers.

These are previously filtered and carefully planned, providing a favorable environment for the creation of valuable relationships and the exploration of new opportunities.

Elevator Pitch
We create an environment where entrepreneurs and investors can present their projects to a pre-qualified audience, ensuring that each pitch receives the attention it deserves. Our elevator pitch format is designed to be concise, impactful and focused on capturing the interest of potential investors.

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Thematic Tables
We create an exclusive space for business families and family offices, where small groups can delve deeper into relevant topics and share best practices. Meanwhile, other guests can choose from a variety of topics to exchange ideas and look for synergies.

Black Bull Members Networking activities
We organize periodic meetings and exclusive networking experiences, "petit committee", to strengthen relationships, share ideas, and explore synergies and business and investment opportunities among Black Bull members.

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Virtual Events
We offer our members a series of private events where issues of family structuring and investment in various types of assets are addressed. In these virtual meetings, relationships between business families and family offices are strengthened, allowing best practices to be shared and synergies to be sought. On the other hand, we invite experts in investment and consulting topics in order to delve deeper into relevant topics that help families and family offices improve their processes and diversify their investment portfolios.

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Some of the Club participants

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