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At Paulson Asset Management, after 5 years and more than 75 operations, we recently launched the marketing of our debt fund through the ISIN code, which is a tracker of our performance.

About development

Some key points of our business model:

  • The fund was created 5 years ago to cover a structural deficit in the Spanish banking system in which real estate developers were left without access to short-term credit in the new post-crisis financial environment.

  • We are regulated and audited in Luxembourg, the ISIN code is Swiss certified. The fund's liquidity is quarterly.

  • Our track record over these 5 years has been stable returns of between 9-11%. 

  • Our LTV is 46%, that is, a real estate developer has to leave us as collateral a real estate asset equivalent to double the loan. 

  • Our real estate team supervises the work and takes care of progressively releasing the credit to cover expenses, thus we are protected.

  • In all our projects, the developer also commits its own funds to ensure that finishing construction is a win-win for both of us.

  • We have an institutional anchor investor with 4B$ AuM.

*Paulson Asset Management is a Private Markets firm specialized in Real Estate Lending through Oxygen Fund (ISIN: CH1237092460)*
We are dedicated to collateralized loans to real estate developers in the best markets in Spain

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