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Centroamérica y Caribe
Family Office & Investors
Summit 2024

Panamá - Panamá

June 19th & 20th - 2024

Central America and Caribbean
Family Office & Investors
Summit 2024

Panama - Panama

The most important private meeting of the year is coming to Panama, bringing together business families, family offices, UHNWIs, investment funds and key players in the region.

The content of our summit is aligned with the challenges and interests in terms of structuring and preserving family legacy, investment strategies and opportunities, and the generation of practical and innovative ideas and strategies, adopted by successful pioneers.

Discussion Sessions
It discusses, through an original and interactive format, the relevant topics that concern business families, investors and family offices, while analyzing trends and comparing investment and business opportunities in different types of assets.

1 on 1 sessions
Analyze and generate business opportunities through previously scheduled one-on-one meetings.
Each guest has the opportunity to chat in an intimate setting with colleagues, investors and service providers based on their needs and interests.

Networking Spaces
Meet leading decision-makers: members of business families, single and multi-family offices, advisors, investment funds, asset managers and key players in the private investment sector in order to create and strengthen relationships.

Elevator Pitch
We create an environment where entrepreneurs and investors can present their projects to a pre-qualified audience, ensuring that each pitch receives the attention it deserves. Our elevator pitch format is designed to be concise, impactful and focused on capturing the interest of potential investors.

Location - Panama - Panama

The Santa Maria, a Luxury Collection Hotel & Golf Resort, Panama City

Our luxury resort in Panama offers a swimming pool, three restaurants and a golf course. Just nine miles from Tocumen International Airport and eight miles from the city center, our rooms have inspiring views of the golf course. Perfect for business events, we offer indoor and outdoor spaces, including the luxurious Grand Ballroom. Enjoy a satisfying stay with exceptional service at our resort in Panama City.

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Our Speakers and guests

SPEAKER - Alberto Bernal - 3.png
SPEAKER - Andrea Isabel Changra Bustos - 3.png
SPEAKER - Luis Matamoros - 1.png
SPEAKER - Luciano Ciravegna - 1.png
SPEAKER - Raul Serebrenik - 1.png
SPEAKER - Robert Loehnert - 1.png
SPEAKER - Romain Dromard - 1.png
SPEAKER - Michael Harari - 1.png
SPEAKER - Roger Campamà Pelejà - 1.png
SPEAKER - Carlos Tablate - 1.png
SPEAKER - Enrique Walsh - 1.png
SPEAKER - Martha Ines Vera - 1.png
SPEAKER - Jonathan Combeau - 1.png
SPEAKER - Richard Perales - 1.png
SPEAKER - Augusto Gerbaud - 1.png
SPEAKER - Javier Vergara - 1.png
SPEAKER - Mark Jessier - 1.png
SPEAKER - Carlos Escalona - 1.png
SPEAKER - Luis Alberto Laguerre - 1.png
SPEAKER - Ricardo Cambra La Duke - 1.png
SPEAKER - Michel Soler - 1.png
SPEAKER - John Paul Young - 1.png
SPEAKER - Kathia Gantes - 1.png
SPEAKER - José Abraham García - 1.png
SPEAKER - Macarena  - 1.png
SPEAKER - Luciana Salazar - 1.png
SPEAKER - Marina Abal Rosales - 1.png
SPEAKER - Rodrigo Villalta - 1.png
SPEAKER - Roberto Sierra Eleta - 1.png
SPEAKER - Armando Daza - 1.png
SPEAKER - Juan Saborio - 1.png
SPEAKER - Eduardo Caballero - 1.png
SPEAKER - Samuel Urrutia - 1.png
SPEAKER - Roger Kinkead - 1.png
SPEAKER - Lerzy Batista - 1.png
SPEAKER - Alejandro Palomar - 1.png
SPEAKER - Valentin Arrieta - 1.png
SPEAKER - Guillermo Contreras - 1.png
SPEAKER - Soren Azorian - 1.png
SPEAKER - Marcelo Deschamps - 1.png
SPEAKER - Margaret Abbott - 1.png
SPEAKER - Bryant Diaz - 1.png
SPEAKER - Mariela Arze - 1.png
SPEAKER - Cesar Cañedo - 1.png
SPEAKER - Roberto Mendieta - 1.png
SPEAKER - Nathania Garcia Prieto - 1.png
SPEAKER - Juan Esteban Sanin - 1.png
SPEAKER - Juan Posadas - 1.png
SPEAKER - Maribel Castillo - 1.png
SPEAKER - Francisco Montenegro - 1.png
SPEAKER - Wiston Uzcategui - 1.png
SPEAKER - Mauricio Gómez - 1.png

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